C L O S E T   C O N C E P T S   H T X

 e v e r y   s p a c e  I  e v e r y   t a s t e



We know life changes and so do the needs of your space. Our systems are completely adjustable and are designed to allow you to easily add parts like drawers and doors, as well as, to be able to take away, add in or adjust the height of shelves and hanging rods.


 We pride ourselves on using only the best and most durable materials and accessories. All of the materials used to build our systems are made in the USA and manufactured locally at our Houston shop. All of our systems come with a lifetime warranty against normal wear and tear. If you’re ever to sell your home, that warranty will carry over to the new owners. 


  We offer a wide variety of different accessories and feature options to maximize the function and aesthetic of your system. From jewelry trays to system lighting, you’ll be able to add almost anything you can think of. Soft close slides and hinges come standard on all our drawers and doors. 


every space I every taste