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We understand how overwhelming it can be trying to think of everything you will need in your new system. We also know that this can be hard to envision what your system will end up looking like when all is said and done. That is why we pride ourselves on creating an easy and transparent design process that allows you to ask any questions you need to, as well as for us to help guide you through the options you might not have thought about and what will work best in your space.

We are very hands on and want to make sure you know and understand exactly what you’re getting and that it will be everything you want and more! We have a Houston showroom that you can come to and see real life examples and samples of our systems, accessories, features and finishes in person. You’re able to touch and feel the actual product, allowing you to have the best understanding of all your options.

Step ONE


 Our process starts with setting up your design consultation. This typically is an in-home consultation where one of our skilled and experienced designers will come to your home and walk through the space with you, talk with you about what your needs are. They'll answer any quesstions you may have and will walk through some of the different options you have. 

In-Home Consultation

 Our in-home design consultation typically take between 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of spaces we'll be looking at. Feel free to leave all our belongs in the space, as they are. 

Showroom Consultation

  If you're in the process of building a home or if you just aren't quite sure exactly that you're looking for and want to get an idea of what all we offer prior to you in-home consultation, we can meet with you in our showroom and review all your options and answer any of your questions.  

Step Two


 After your initial consultation, your designer will provide you with photo renderings of your designs, along with labeled 2D plans. We encourage that you take time to come into our showroom for this review. Your designer will review the plans and walk you through all the details. You’ll be able to ask any questions / make any changes, right there with your designer and get a chance to see the different options available.   





Step Three


 Once you have your designs exactly how you want them, the next step is to select the finishes for your system.









Sign-Off Pack

Deposit Payment

Deposit Payment


  Once you have finalized your designs and make your finish selections, your designer will send you a sign-off pack via DocUSign. This pack includes your fully labeled designs, all your selections and our client agreement. Once received, you simply fill it out and sign it as prompted and return it to us with your deposit. 

Deposit Payment

Deposit Payment

Deposit Payment


Deposits are half of your job total. The remaining balance is collected AFTER the installation is 100% completed and you’ve signed off. 

*acceptions apply*

 We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. 

Step Five


Upon receiving your sign off pack and deposit, your order is processed and  we will get the order processed. You will be contacted by our scheduling department, typically within 48 hours,  to schedule your installation.  

Installation Lead Time

Installation typically can happen withing 3-5 weeks fromt the time of purchase. We will work with you to ensure your installation is scheduled to best fit your schedule.  



 Most installations happen in a single day, however, depending on the size of the job, it may take longer. We will tell you exactly how long to plan for when we call to schedule. We will follow up 24-48 hour prior to the installation to confirm timing.   

What to Expect

 Your space needs to be cleared out and ready for our installers prior to their arrival. If you have a tear out of an existing system that needs to happen, we’ll schedule that with you prior to your system install.

You do NOT need to be home during the installation. Our installers just need a way to get in and to lock up once they are finished.

Once the installation is complete, our installer will walk you through your space and answer any questions you may have. The remaining balance is due upon the completed install.

*clothing rack rentles are availble - please be sure to set this up BEFORE for your installation*

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