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e v e r y   s p a c e  I  e v e r y   t a s t e

About Our Epoxy Flooring

 Epoxy/polyurethane coatings are the hi-tech way to make your surfaces look even better than new and enhance the look of your garage system. These industrial strength coatings are impervious to chemicals and automotive fluids.  In most cases a towel and water is all that is needed for cleanup.  Our epoxy/poly coatings are also unaffected by heat, unlike garage paints or home improvement store type products, which can peel up or stick to your car tires causing expensive repairs. Our standard 5-coat multi-color epoxy/poly floor system, is just that, 5 coats.  Most companies are installing a shortcut 2 or 3 coat system which lacks the durability of an additional epoxy coat AND is harder to clean due to fewer polyurethane top coats. Our epoxy/poly systems are available in a variety of standard colors and come with a full 10 year warranty against chipping or peeling.  


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